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Singapore Summer School, our story
Singapore Summer School, our story 2

If what we love becomes part of our professional career we tend to put more of ourselves into it. Hard work and persistence work miracles, but what if you could reinforce your efforts with experiences and knowledge that is already out there? This is partially achieved by formal education but there is a noticeable void when you want to put your education to work. Singapore Summer School brings together a group of young adults’ at the onset of their professional careers, full of energy and absolutely convinced the future will bring great things. They have a good education and what they need are the skills positioned in what would be the overlaps of personal and professional. Singapore Summer School approaches this by a carefully curated program and an innovative approach to learning: it moves away from the traditional teaching and learning styles of passive listening. The foundation are active classes which include experiential learning, workshops, visits, and events.

Singapore Summer School is a sister program of Shanghai Summer School. In a way, it’s an incarnation of values behind the original program in a different setting and with a slight twist.

If Shanghai is for those determined to broaden their perspectives through a widely different language and culture, Singapore is much more about brushing their skill set all the while being immersed in one of the most innovative and business savvy environments of Asia’s business capital.

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