Singapore: Welcome to the lion city

The tale dates back to 1299 when Prince Sang Nila Utama was ruling the Srivijayan Empire, which included today’s Singapore, Malaysia and Sumatra. 

One day, while at sea, he was caught in a violent storm. His ship began to fill with water and to prevent it from sinking, the prince ordered his men to throw all the heavy things overboard. The sailing party ended up at the mouth of the present-day Singapore River. 

In the heartland, while hunting, the Prince saw an unusual animal with an orange body, black head, and a white breast. It moved very fast and suddenly disappeared into the jungle. His chief officer immediately said that it was most likely a lion. As the lion was considered a sign of good fortune, the Prince took this as a good token and decided to stay and build a new city, which he named “Singapura”. Deriving from the Malay word of “Singa” for Lion and “Pura” for the city. It was later suspected to be a Malay tiger, as lions never lived in Singapore, however, the name remained. 

Lion city
Lion city 2

Success story

Fast forward to 1960, Singapore was known for gang-ridden streets and racial tensions. Back then, it was far from the travel and business hotspot it is today. However, it grew into one of Asia’s wealthiest nations in little more than 30 years. 

Singapore transformed from the “dark little corner of Asia” into the world’s 7th largest GDP per capita with one in six households having one $ million in cash savings. The country is in second place for world’s most entrepreneurs per capita. 

There is no better place to sharpen your business knowledge and skills than Singapore, nowadays being a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and talent. 


By spending your summer in Singapore, you will get the opportunity to engage in a diverse and vibrant community. As the country is known for welcoming people of different cultures who speak many languages, it is very accepting of others, making it a perfect study destination for anyone. Because of its safety, Singapore is a perfect place for students who want to spend their summer curiously wandering in a foreign country, even at night!

Study in Singapore

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